Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Laid-back night at Coffee 8065

It was a Friday night when me and my friend decided to catch up around makati and she recommend this place called coffee 8065. I only knew 8065 bagnet at taft which was both owned by kitchie nadal. The place was a bit crowded when we got there but for me it was not that congested unlike the usual coffee shops  that we go to. The  only seat that was available was outside and the lighting was a bit dim hence the picture below.

I opted for the strawberry vanilla milkshake as it was too hot that day and  my friend ordered cafe mocha and it was such a great deal given that it was only around less than 100 pesos. We both ordered the grilled sausage bacon tomato pasta which won me over because i absolutely love everything that has bacon and it was only P120. I was so amazed with the place as it was on a quiet location and they do cater to basketball fanatics  as they were televising the old nba playoffs.  The food taste good like  the panini was grilled right and does not taste burnt . The pasta was scrumptious not too dry and just the right amount of bacon was incorporated which i think was what balanced the taste which was not too salty nor sweet plus they use fresh tomatoes . As for the milkshake for me it tasted like the candy monami which is not too sweet nor too bland. I would definitely go back to this place soon.

The Pros
The food is affordable and tasty
Basketball fanatics can enjoy the sports channel
Great for catch up with friends

The cons

would be 8/10 as i would like to explore more of their menu

Where to find them
7700 St Paul Street, San Antonio Village Makati City

                                                                  7033045 or 8901369

                                                          You can also like them on FB

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