Thursday, May 19, 2016

The big switch

My passion  for blogging was ignited when one of my friend's started to blog. Blogspot had been my outlet for the past 8 years although i may not have been active for a couple of years, i would always go back to one thing that i love which was writing.  I went to an event yesterday and had a chat with a couple of bloggers since for the past few months now i had been deliberating on getting this url switched to a full pledged website. it must have been fate when one of the new found blogger friends told me that there was a sale on one of the hosting site with a free domain already.  so first thing this morning i checked out and indeed the sale was just right for my needs. I immediately went to the bank and activated my online account so i can transfer money to my paypal account. Before i went home i already purchased and activated my website which is now up and running. It would still be a work in progress as i have to make a lot of adjustments. Please support my new site which is like, follow on instagram, twitter and facebook. This blospot account would be turned into another site as I need to organized my post in the right manner. bear with me guys because change is still coming and this would be worth it .

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